Tinjauan Pelaksanaan Pendistribusian Rekam Medis Rawat Jalan Di Puskesmas Dander Bojonegoro

  • Abdul Rouf
  • Tegar Wahyu Yudha Pratama
  • Mitha Amelia Rahmawati


Background : At the Dander Bojonegoro Health Center, the distribution of medical records was carried out manually, namely the medical records were brought by the distribution staff from filling to the polyclinic using their bare hands so that the safety of the medical records was not guaranteed when distributed to the intended polyclinic.Purpose : the purpose of this study is to describe how medical records are distributed at the Dander Health Center.Method : The type of research used is descriptive research method. Data collection techniques in this study were interviews and observation.Result : The results showed that at the Dander Health Center there were no SOPs regarding the distribution of medical records and when distributing them to the polyclinic the officers did not use distribution aids and expedition books had not been carried out optimally.Conclusion : It is better for the sake of maintaining the security of medical record documents in distribution to polys using plastic folder bags / trolly by adding policies in the distribution SOP and in handing over documents it is better to use an expedition book to make it easier for officers to find medical record files that are exchanged for other polyclinics.

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ROUF, Abdul; PRATAMA, Tegar Wahyu Yudha; RAHMAWATI, Mitha Amelia. Tinjauan Pelaksanaan Pendistribusian Rekam Medis Rawat Jalan Di Puskesmas Dander Bojonegoro. Jurnal Hospital Science, [S.l.], v. 7, n. 1, p. 1-6, apr. 2024. ISSN 2598-0122. Available at: <https://e-journal.stikesmuhbojonegoro.ac.id/index.php/JHS/article/view/407>. Date accessed: 19 may 2024.